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Wolf Moon Earrings

Wolf Moon Earrings

These earrings represent January’s full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon. Howling wolfs are often heard during the first months of the year, more so than other months. Some say it is because of the scarcity of food during winter, others say wolfs are more active leading up to spring, which is their mating season.

Either way I found myself fascinated by the name alone and I thought the combination of Kite shaped Moonstones and Garnet drops would tell the story of this phase of our beloved moon!

These sickles are worn on silver posts with push back closures. Each earring weighs about 8,7 grams.

Of Moon and Myst

When Nightfall comes, the earth is far from asleep. Although the silver glow of the moon comes with silence and a sense of tranquility, nocturnal beings flourish.

The moon represents the rhythm of time. She controls the tides, the rain, water and seasons, ever changing the world around us. The darkness is full of secrets and mysteries. During this time of day she is the one who whispers to our soul.

These pieces are inspired by the stories she told me, handmade out of precious metals and stones!

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