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We’re Painting The Roses Red

We’re Painting The Roses Red

We’re Painting the Roses Red, must be one of the most catchy songs in the original Alice in Wonderland movie created in 1951. I couldn’t resist translating this bizarre endeavor into a delicate heart-shaped pendant. In this case not white but silver roses are waiting to be painted red. The pear shaped garnet represents a drop of red paint, or could it also be a drop of blood? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

The pendant comes on a fine glistening facetted ball necklace, which is 45cm/ 18 inch in length.

Alice: Oh, pardon me,
But Mister Three,
Why must you paint them red?
Cards: Huh? Oh!
Three: Well, the fact is, Miss,
We planted the white roses by mistake,
Cards: The Queen she likes ’em red
If she saw white instead,
Two: She’d raise a fuss
Ace: And each of us
Cards: Would quickly lose his head!
– Alice in Wonderland
The We’re Painting The Roses Red necklace is ready for shipment within 3 to 5  days.

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