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Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit

The Indonesian form of puppet theatre, motivated me to create the Wayang Kulit necklaces. Both designs feature an opulent amber and the back is adorned with an intricate Wayang Puppet.These puppets are used during ‘shadow plays’ and illustrate the spirited mythologies and legends accompanied by Gamelan music. This pendant is a silver translation of this spiritual and entertaining way of storytelling.

Both variations come with a 45 cm/ 18 inch silver necklace.
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Dance of the Barong
For this new collection I explored the wondrous world of Indonesian mythology and their ritualistic ways of storytelling. Delicate dance movements and shadow plays, pass on the rich legends and history to new generations. The most popular theme is ‘good versus evil’ and it offers a unique combination of ritual, lesson and entertainment.

Inspired by everything I discovered during this journey I created a collection of jewels. Each meant to tell a small part of the folklore mixed with my personal style and love for storytelling.

The Wayang Kulit necklaces are ready for shipment within 3-5 days.

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