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Trick or Treat Ring

Trick or Treat Ring

The Trick or Treat ring is sweeter than any sugar coated delight. Let this piece enrich your candy grabbing fingers, with her bright  coloured gemstones surrouned by well deserved treats made out of silver and gold.
But wait! There is more to this ring than meets the eye, because its meaning is hidden within the stones.

Purple Garnet is a grounding gemstone, vibrating downward energy to the earth allowing you to root deeply. Opal shoots its revitalising energy upwards to the crown. Both energy streams meet the Green Kyanite in the middle, which is a gemstone that connects to the heart.

A treat to the eye and a treat to your senses!

Does this peek your interest? If so, please pay attention to the sizes listed! Make sure your ring size falls within the given range. Each option starts with the initial ring size and ends with the maximum ring size. Each ring can be sized up with a quarter size.

The Trick or Treat Ring is ready for shipment within 2 to 5  days.

If you have any questions about this design, feel free to contact me here!
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