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The Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart

Early use of the therm Bleeding Heart, especially in art and literature, signifies a sincere emotional outpouring. The Bleeding Heart necklace grew from my earlier design The Glass Chest, which was inspired by a poem by Casey Lechner. The delicate words challenge the fear of showing your true self and what would happen if you did.

What if your chest was clear like glass
and we could watch all your feelings float past?
And what if your heart grew big like a tree
then people would see
how loving you’d be.

It is a beautiful way to describe that matters of the heart are meant to be revealed. From the ribcage multiple hand forged poppies bloom. Two pear shaped Garnets represent the drops of blood from the bleeding heart.

The pendant comes on a sterling silver necklace, 50 cm/ 20 inch in length.

The Bleeding Heart Necklace is ready for shipment within 2 to 5  days.

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