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Spring Necklace

Spring Necklace

The Spring necklace came to me in a daydream. In this dream I found myself in lush Meadow full of budding flowers on a soft spring day. The sun was setting and it created the most beautiful pink sky. The only thing I could do was watch it in awe. It was a peaceful place with an intense vibration of life. This feeling is what I tried to capture, in silver and touch of gold, within the Spring necklace.

Not only this dream is what brought this design together, the gemstones are also bound to each other! Amethyst encourages you to find your magic and garnet will help you move and shift deep rooted memories. Ruby is an amplifier of everything that is! So be mindful of what you focus on because it will magnify the positive and negative.

The Spring necklace measures at 45cm/ 18″ and it’s easily adjusted to a shorter length.

The Crystal Cabinet
I watched over my cabinet filled with precious and brightly coloured gemstones and thought: “What will you become? Many I have treasured for years and it is time for you to fly out!”

Daydreams about spring and the first signs of warm air drove me to work on an all crystal inspired collection! I created lush gradients out of gemstones and bold yet wearable designs which are powerful enough to stand alone! And each piece whispers the story of its brilliant stones

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