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Small Phoenix Necklace with Amber

Small Phoenix Necklace with Amber

The Phoenix is an eagle-like bird with red and gold feathers, often depicted as having a crest similar to a peacock! This mythical creature has a 500 year life-cycle. Near the end of the cycle it builds itself a nest of incense and sacred materials which it ignites. The bird is consumed by fire and from its ashes a young Phoenix rises! Through different legends the phoenix became a symbol of the renewal of time good luck, harmony and balance.

This design features a warm golden Amber and the delicate engravings illustrate the rise of the Phoenix.

The silver necklace measures at 45 cm.

The Golden Hour

They call it the hour of magic, just before the sun sinks and makes the upcoming darkness glow. Many times I have witnessed this time of day and it has always brought a sense of peace and a moment of reflection. While I try to go over everything my mind brings up, the golden light seems to take those thoughts with her.

Nature has an extraordinary way of resetting itself and the golden hour is one of them. It is effort-less, and it is funny how this word alone tells you to just be. I find a lot of strength in this and it comforts me with the thought that we are all build to ride out nature’s waves.

These new designs are meant to embody this feeling, adorned with warm toned gemstones and I’d like to believe that they are charged with the power of the golden hour.

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