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Ruby Amulet With Crescent Moon

Ruby Amulet With Crescent Moon

The Ruby Amulet with Crescent Moon is a dainty charmer. Ruby is a mystical stone due to its silky shine and crimson depths. It will bring happiness and passion to the wearer and is also known to protect from negative entities that leach positive energy. A magical stone captured in a detailed hinged setting, which is handmade from fine and sterling silver. The tiniest crescent moon dangles from the bottom of the pendant, which hangs from a 45 cm / 18 inch satellite necklace.

The size of the pendant may vary a bit due to, one stone being more oval and the other more round. They both have the same weight!

If you have any questions about this piece, feel free to contact me here!
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The Ruby Amulet With Crescent Moon is ready for shipment within 1 to 3  days.