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Opal Dagger Necklace

Opal Dagger Necklace

Now hear me out warrior woman! This Opal Dagger Necklace is sharp like the words that flow from your tongue and strong like the heart that beats within your chest. Let this piece stand with you in power and motivation on the beginning of a new journey, like it inspired me to create it! The handle of the dagger is adorned with a small fiery opal. It’s considered to be the most bewitching and mysterious of gems, worn for the virtue of great luck.
May this silver stinger serve you well!

The pendant comes on a delicate yet sturdy silver necklace, which is 45cm/ 18 inch in length.

The Opal Dagger Necklace is ready for shipment within 3- 5  days.

If you have any questions about this design, feel free to contact me here!
For frequently asked questions, I would like to refer you to my FAQ page first!
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