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Moth Potion Bottle Ring

Moth Potion Bottle Ring

The Moth Potion Bottle ring has come to adorn your spell casting fingers! The detailed silver flask is embellished with a Labradorite, Black Onyx and a dainty tag with the words ‘ The End’. As we know, all things come to an end. Bad and good. May this piece serve you as a reminder to cherish each moment. And if you need an end, create it!

Potion ingredients:
A tad of illuminating Labradorite sheen captures the energy to bring magic back into your life. It creates a dimension where anything is possible! Black Onyx enhances your endurance and persistence. It will help you to power through the most dreary and unpleasant tasks. I have saved the best for last! A sprinkle of moth dust will guide you to the light.

Sweet nocturnal creatures, please pay attention to the sizes listed! Make sure your ring size falls within the given range. Each option starts with the initial ring size and ends with the maximum ring size, which means each ring can be sized up with a quarter to half a size.

The Moth Potion Bottle Ring are ready for shipment within 2 to 5  days.

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