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Moth Necklace

Moth Necklace

The Moth Necklace carries a message of spiritual kind. Its intention lies with the ones who navigate night and darkness by using their awareness and inner-knowing. The moth, especially as a spirit animal, symbolizes determination, attraction and faith. Intuitively it is able to find light and has a strong drive to do so. Are you someone who is able to find the silver lining in every situation? Then it’s quite possible the Moth is connected to you!

The aura of the blue and red vintage glass adds to the mystery of this piece and plays with the concept of dark and bright.
Movement is found through the silver hinges of the wings, but I urge you to do this with care to prevent scratching or bending.

Each moth pendant comes with a sterling silver necklace which is 50 cm/ 20 inch in length.

The Moth Necklace is ready for shipment within 3- 5  days.

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