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Moth Dagger Earrings with Carnelian

Moth Dagger Earrings with Carnelian

For the Moth Dagger Earrings I combined one of my first design elements, the Dagger, with one of my latest ones, the Moth! Both carry symbolic meaning. The Moth’s intention lies with the ones who navigate night and darkness by using their awareness and inner-knowing. The Dagger, or Ace of Swords in a tarot deck, marks a significant shift of energy. When this card appears during a tarot session, you are able to see the road behind you and the road ahead clear as day. Both elements strengthen each other and create a powerhouse talisman, topped with warm red Carnelian gemstones.

The earrings come with a silver pushback closure.

La Cosecha
The bright autumnal colours and the arrival of growing darkness, spark little ambers within me. The coziness within the home and the desire to drizzle our lives warmth and light inspired me to create this new collection called La Cosecha (The Harvest).

I went over all the designs I made over the past year(s) to gather elements that spoke to me. They came together as never before seen pieces and some designs are making a come back, fueled by fire and made with love!

The Moth Dagger Earrings with Carnelian are ready for shipment within 3-5 days.

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