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Moss Kyanite Studs

Moss Kyanite Studs

These Moss Kyanite studs will energize your day! The bright blue gemstones are captured in a fine silver setting which is adorned with a double beaded border.

Moss Kyanite tells an interesting story as it got its name from the Greek word ‘kuanos’, which means deep blue. Many have claimed that the soothing and nurturing energy radiating from the stone feels like floating in the bright blue sea!

Each pair comes with solid silver push back closures.

The Crystal Cabinet
I watched over my cabinet filled with precious and brightly coloured gemstones and thought: “What will you become? Many I have treasured for years and it is time for you to fly out!”

Daydreams about spring and the first signs of warm air drove me to work on an all crystal inspired collection! I created lush gradients out of gemstones and bold yet wearable designs which are powerful enough to stand alone! And each piece whispers the story of its brilliant stones.

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