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Magic Apple Necklaces

Magic Apple Necklaces

The Magic Apple Necklaces are here to fill your heart with spooky bliss! Three different flavours will soothe that sweet tooth and well, perhaps even kill!  The candied apple with its shiny red glaze, the caramel apple with a touch of cinnamon spice and The green poisened apple…oops we’ll get back to that one later!

All handmade out of fine and sterling silver with a twisted candy cane post. Each pendant comes with a sterling silver necklace which is 45 cm/ 18 inch in length.

The Candied Apple: features a deep red Garnet and is sweet as can be. It is a gemstone which boosts your confidence and hightens your intuitive senses. Let it invigorate and motivate you in your daily endeavors.

The Caramel Apple: adorned with a vibrant Carnelian, which will give you some spice. It lends you the power of true expression. Its fiery energy stimulates the root chakra, making you feel grounded and strong.

The Poisned Apple: Now, don’t be fooled by the gemstone’s poisonous green colour, because it is deceiving!  Green Onyx is actually a soothing gemstone, which connects to the heart chakra. It helps your creativity and encourages you to express your feelings and thoughts.

The Magic Apple Necklaces are ready for shipment within 2 to 5  days.

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