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Lucky Charm Shadowbox Ring

Lucky Charm Shadowbox Ring

The Shadowbox ring combines an abundance of lucky charms! Since the beginning of time we contribute the powers of good fortune to certain objects, days, numbers and moments. If you believe in them, they’ll certainly strengthen your courage and soothe your fears but above all they grant you hope!

The swallow, ammonite, no 13, cross and white moonstone are all symbols of good fortune. Of course the true meaning is held by its owner, so feel free to follow your believes! However, together they create the ultimate talisman!

The band of the shadowbox ring is adjustable and ranges from size 6.5 US to size 9.5 US. Please add your desired ring size to the notes at checkout and I’ll make sure the ring ships to fit you perfectly!

The Song of the Swallow

This collection revolves around luck! It finds you at unexpected moments, sometimes you’ll wonder if it will ever come, and there will be times you need a reminder of all the ways you already are. It’s fascinating to think about good or bad luck and how we contribute certain experiences to having either one of them. Can you create it? May we demand it from the universe or is it a state of mind?

Each design serves as a silver reminder that luck is something you already have as long as you know where to look.

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