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Keepsake Pendant with Hessonite Garnet

Keepsake Pendant with Hessonite Garnet

The Keepsake Pendant with Hessonite Garnet is a small silver vessel with the intend to carry something meaningful. Ashes of a loved one, baby teeth, a special love note or life quote? They are all safely tucked away and worn close to the heart within this necklace. Jewelry has the power to hold on to a story throughout generations. It can offer the wearer great comfort and maybe even the feeling the former owner is alongside you. Two delicate poppies embelish the pendant as a symbol of remembrance and hope. The Hessonite garnet charm serves as a wonderful talisman. This fiery gemstone protects your mind and soul from negative energy.

You open the vessel by carefully twisting the top and bottom parts. When you close it, make sure the poppies are against each other. Please note that silver is a softer metal. Only close and open the pendant when needed and try to avoid fidgeting for the durability of your necklace.

The Keepsake pendant comes on a 45 cm / 18 inch silver necklace.

If you have any questions about this piece, feel free to contact me here!
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The Triple Garnet and Poppies Necklace is ready for shipment within 1 to 3  days.