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Hessonite Garnet Padlocks

Hessonite Garnet Padlocks

‘Giving your heart’ is one of the most treasured gifts one can receive. The Victorian age popularized heart shaped jewelry and they would use a padlock to secretly communicate their romance and passion. Locks were given to protect love and were worn by women. The men would keep the key as a token of his enduring love!

This heart padlock is meant to remember the ones you love. It is adorned with a radiant warm Hessonite Garnet which connects you to the elements Earth and Fire. The other face of the padlock is etched by hand with a delicate skull and floral elements. You may wear the it with either side facing forward!


“If you came to me with a face I have not seen, with a name I have never heard, I would still know you. Even if centuries separated us, I would still feel you. Somewhere between the sand and the stardust, through every collapse and creation, there is a pulse that echoes of you and I.

When we leave this world, we give up all our possessions and our memories. Love is the only thing we take with us. It is all we carry from one life to the next.”

-By Lang Leav

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