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Ebb & Flow Keepsake Necklace

Ebb & Flow Keepsake Necklace

The Ebb & Flow Keepsake Necklace is a small silver vessel with the intend to carry something meaningful. Ashes of a loved one, baby teeth or a special love note? They are safely tucked away and worn close to the heart within this necklace. It features a gloomy white moonstone and I thought it would be meaningful to add the effect of the moon(stone) on the label because Mama moon rules the waters!

“Moonstone holds the mystery of water, teaching us to swim in our own depths and find our own rhythm of waxing and waning. – Moonstone is a stone for the journey – from dark to light, from inner to outer, from winter to summer- steadfast in her gentle assertion that everything comes around again”.
Maia Toll, Crystallary

You open and close the vessel by carefully twisting the top and bottom parts. Please note that silver is a softer metal. Only close and open the pendant when needed and try to avoid fidgeting for the durability of your necklace.

The Ebb & Flow Keepsake Necklace on a 50 cm/ 18″ silver necklace.

Boticario de Maravillas

Whenever I think of an old fashioned Apothecary, I imagine myself going through the drawers and shelves of a big wooden cabinet. It is filled with wondrous bottles of tonics, potions and bits of healing magic. I study the contents of the oddly shaped vials while I run my fingers over the handwritten labels. The sound, of me rummaging trough the different glass bottles, opening the heavy drawers and something brewing over there, is soothing my soul.

I hope that will be me one day! In the meantime I decided to create a couple Apothecary inspired pieces with this dream in mind. Each jewel is influenced by the curious items found in the cabinet and tells a subtle story about the featured gemstones.

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