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Duende Necklace with Sodalite

Duende Necklace with Sodalite


In the Spanish folklore a Duende is a mischievous little spirit. Depicted as a goblin or elf like creature, it reigns havoc in homes and on occasion steals little children! A Duende serves as a guide for the lost too. I think its good or bad nature depends on whatever their mood tells them to do.

Also, Duende or tener duende (to have duende) is a Spanish term for a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. The term derives from “duen de casa” (master/lord of the house).

This silver flask design can be interpreted both ways because it captures the essence of Duende! Can you spot the faint spirit which seems to reside within the Sodalite stone?

Boticario de Maravillas
Whenever I think of an old fashioned Apothecary, I imagine myself going through the drawers and shelves of a big wooden cabinet. It is filled with wondrous bottles of tonics, potions and bits of healing magic. I study the contents of the oddly shaped vials while I run my fingers over the handwritten labels. The sound, of me rummaging trough the different glass bottles, opening the heavy drawers and something brewing over there, is soothing my soul.

I hope that will be me one day! In the meantime I decided to create a couple Apothecary inspired pieces with this dream in mind. Each jewel is influenced by the curious items found in the cabinet and tells a subtle story about the featured gemstones.

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