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Crystalline Quartz Pendulum

Crystalline Quartz Pendulum

Once was believed that that Crystalline Quartz was a form of permanent ice. Frozen water from the heavens, so cold that it never thawed. They say this gem brings light and amplifies whatever you pour into it. Clean, empty but full of possibilities!

This Pendulum is lovingly created out of fine and sterling silver. It hangs from a 45 cm/ 18 inch necklace.

May it be your light of day.

The Crystal Cabinet Reload
I moved my hands over the cabinet filled with precious and brightly coloured gemstones and thought: “What will you become? Many I have treasured for years and it is time for you to fly out!”

Daydreams about Summer and the warmth that it brings, inspired me to work on an all crystal inspired collection. I created lush gradients out of brilliant stones, bold yet wearable designs which are powerful enough to stand alone! And each piece whispers the story of its unique gems.

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