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The Chrysalis Necklace is the evolutionary stage of the Glass Chest which was born from the love for a poem by Casey Lechner.

What if your chest was clear like glass
and we could watch all your feelings float past?
And what if your heart grew big like a tree
then people would see
how loving you’d be.

Whilst the Glass Chest represents transparency and being true to yourself, Chrysalis is a meant to encourage change. The physical body spreads its wings and enters a world of freedom. A release of the soul so to say! Three fiery red Hessonite garnets represent the beating heart of this design. They spread their warmth through the breaches of the chest and into the wings of the butterfly.

This one of a kind design comes on a 45cm / 18 inch silver bar link chain.

Bones and Blooms
With the Bones and Blooms collection we enter the peculiar world of the Cabinet of Curiosities -or Wunderkammern! It is a room which stores and exhibits a wide variety of objects and artifacts, with a particular leaning towards the rare, eclectic and esoteric. Each oddity would individually and collectively tell a story about the person who put them together. They were mostly displayed to start a conversation and as way to entertain guests. The collector would tell its, often made up, history from lands afar.

With these new designs I have  assembled my own collection of  curious jewels inspired by this concept. Each meant to tell its own marvelous tale in silver.

The Chrysalis Necklace is ready for shipment within 3-5 days.

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