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Changeling – Moodstone Rings

Changeling – Moodstone Rings

At the beginning of the pandemic I dabbled my toes in playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends. I learned about all kinds of fantasy characters and their abilities,- I chose to portray a Changeling in the game. Changelings can shift their appearance into anything they desire. Many use this gift as a form of artistic and emotional expression. And so did I!

The Moodstones I stumbled upon, reminded me of these fantastical beings because of their abillity to switch between a wide range of colours. They are activated by the heat of your skin and its surroundings. Illusive like the moon and unpredictable like the weather during changing seasons, which made them perfect for the Of Moon and Myst collection!

Of Moon and Myst

When nightfall comes, the earth is far from asleep. Although the silver glow of the moon comes with silence and a sense of tranquility, nocturnal beings flourish.

The moon represents the rhythm of time. She controls the tides, the rain, water and seasons, ever changing the world around us. The darkness is full of secrets and mysteries. During this time of day she is the one who whispers to our soul.

These pieces are inspired by the stories she told me, handmade out of precious metals and stones!

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