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Cairn Rings And Necklaces

Cairn Rings And Necklaces

This Cairn ring came to fruition when I selected stones for my new spring collection. I played around with coloured gemstone stacks and adorned them with silver pebbles, flowers and a touch of 14k gold.

The practice of balancing stones and stacking them on top of each other is something we have done for centuries and all over the world! These stacks were given different namens by many cultures and they are all meant to mark a place or source. Carins are mainly known by hikers because they point out different trails. It is an indictor that you are on the right path and someone else has been there too!

For this Cairn piece I used a combination of Citrine, Hessonite Garnet and Almandine Garnet.

The Crystal Cabinet
I watched over my cabinet filled with precious and brightly coloured gemstones and thought: “What will you become? Many I have treasured for years and it is time for you to fly out!”

Daydreams about spring and the first signs of warm air drove me to work on an all crystal inspired collection! I created lush gradients out of gemstones and bold yet wearable designs which are powerful enough to stand alone! And each piece whispers the story of its brilliant stones.

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