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Blood Moon Necklace

Blood Moon Necklace

Did you know that Lunar eclipses only happen during a full Moon? There are about two eclipses every year, and one out of three are total lunar eclipses with the potential for a blood moon. Isn’t that fascinating?!

Despite its eerie associations, and I read quite a few of those, the Blood Moon doesn’t have to bring chaos. Like all eclipses in astrology, think it as a time of change!

This necklace is inspired by this phenomenon and shows the different phases of the Moon. It is adorned with three brilliant garnet drops which represent the blood of the Moon!

Total length of the necklace is 45cm/ 18 inch.

Of Moon and Myst

When nightfall comes, the earth is far from asleep. Although the silver glow of the moon comes with silence and a sense of tranquility, nocturnal beings flourish.

The moon represents the rhythm of time. She controls the tides, the rain, water and seasons, ever changing the world around us. The darkness is full of secrets and mysteries. During this time of day she is the one who whispers to our soul.

These pieces are inspired by the stories she told me, handmade out of precious metals and stones!

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