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Ace of Swords Earrings with Garnet

Ace of Swords Earrings with Garnet

With the Ace of Swords Earrings we enter a realm of clarity, new beginnings and great perspective. It is one of the strongest cards that can fall during a Tarot reading session, as it marks significant shift of energy. You are able to see the road behind you and the road ahead clear as day. The sword’s blade can slide through anything in its way with ease. Nonsense and bad intentions of others are no match for you! This powerhouse design is adorned with four deep red garnets, which are grounding gemstones and serve as a protective talisman. It is the earth’s embodiment of fire, passion, creativity and strength.

These earrings are completely handmade using classic goldsmith techniques and come with a silver pushback closure.

The Ace of Swords Earrings ready for shipment within 3- 5  days.

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