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I was born in Barcelona, Spain to a Spanish father and an Indonesian mother. When I was a child, we moved to the Netherlands and since then I am based in the creative center of The Hague. I always knew I had a passionate soul and a hunger to create. I learned about goldsmithing while I was graduating high school. There was nothing I wanted to pursue more and felt this in every fiber of my being! It was and is my purpose in life!

Almost 15 years later, I completed a full-time education as a Master Goldsmith in Schoonhoven and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht. I am grateful to live the dream I worked so hard for and can call myself an independent jewelry designer.

I am heavily influenced by the duality of my heritage and the rich history that comes with it. Each design is made out of a deep rooted love for storytelling and symbolism. My hope is to find common ground with other people trough the pieces that I create.

To give you a better idea of what I do and how I create my jewelry, I have captured the making process from start to finish on film. You can watch the full video here!red arrow

With love,

Endeis Segura Gelink